Piano with Lindsey-my piano studio


I have over 15 years teaching experience teaching students from age 4 and up. This includes private lessons, classes at community colleges and group and private lessons in local music schools. More details can be found here.

Currently I teach in the 5th district in Vienna, but have also had piano studios in the Chicago and San Francisco Bay Areas.


Here’s a glimpse of what students gain from lessons in my studio:

-a broad musical repertoire, focusing mainly on music from the classical tradition (year 1500-present), but also including jazz and popular music if desired

-a good base in music theory-the rules that govern how music works-including scales, chords, key signatures, etc.

-building of sight-reading skills, which help students to learn new music more quickly

-performance opportunities through studio recitals every semester (participation is optional)

-feeling of accomplishment that comes with working hard on pieces-a combination of concentrated at-home practice, attention to assignments in lesson binder and focus during lesson times

-improved study skills and accountability for assigned pieces and workbook pages

-increased physical awareness at the piano of posture and playing technique, which also often translates into better posture overall



In most cases, I buy the books for each student and the family reimburses me. I visit the music store regularly and know where to find things, and also receive a 10% teacher’s discount, which I pass on to families.

Each student receives a piano binder, in which I place an assignment sheet for each lesson with detailed instructions about what and how to practice. There are also sections in the binder for handouts about posture at the piano, scale worksheets, extra pieces, etc.

For assignments I use the following books:

Young beginners (ages 5-7)~My First Piano Adventures or Helen Marlais-Suceeding at the Piano Primer level

Average beginners (ages 7-10)~Piano Adventures or Helen Marlais, levels 1-5

Adult beginners~Adult Piano Adventures

For each level, students need to complete a lesson/technique book, theory book and performance or recital book



Tuition is due (paid as check, cash, or electronic transaction) at the beginning of each month.

For potential new students, I offer trial lessons free of charge. Please contact me at pianowithlindsey@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to set up a trial lesson!